Smartmenu is a Menu Order App, made to enhance the restaurant business. Our application makes it possible to make an order from customer’s own smartphone or a tablet situated in the restaurant. Restaurant Owners can manage their Order, Menu, Chain of Restaurants through separate, easy to use, Control Panel. Smartmenu does not require dowloadin and installing app from app store. Customers simply click into menu from restaurants web page, or by scanning a qr-code or even directly from search engine results.

  • In the cloud – Smartmenu is a cloud based software. You are able to log in everywhere with any device. Our secured connections give you safe way to ru your business. Smartmenu servers are located in Finland.

  • Web app / PWA application -Smartmenu is quick, beautiful and fluent app. The customer interface is a progressive web application, which gives many advantages over native application. There is no need to download and install. Just step in with a smartphone from restaurants web page, qr-code or search engine results. Our control panel gives you the full power to add your own logo, background picture and the colors to match your brand identity to make it look like your business.

  • Customized app – in case of larger restaurant operator, restaurant chain or other special need, we are able to make you customized pwa app with your brand material and with your own logo icon on mobile device’s home screen.

  • We stay behind – Smartmenu does not steal your brand identity and internet visibility. Our platform does not claim to get you more customers trough our marketing. People are hungry, they will eat anyway and the best way to find a meal is by using a search engine. Your restaurant will be right there, easy to find, easy to make an order or a reservation. And you can still use those other platforms to maximize your turnover.

  • Easy to use – Smartmenu is made by restaurant professionals to be used by other restaurant professionals. We know which features are needed and what is the easiest possible way to control them. Adding products with pictures is super easy. If some ingredient is out, just switch of the current meal and it won’t be shown to customers.

  • Order app pricing just 7%We really don’t rob your restaurant business. Our comission is just a fraction compared to other platforms. That’s because we don’t use your money to build our own brand. In cases, when our mobile payment solutions are not used, our billing is 95€/ month.

  • Other prices– Ask for pricing considering our other products. Weekly menu / Lunch menu, Loyalty app and table booking.