A multilingual and modern restaurant menu that helps waiters and waitresses.

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Suitable for food and drink menus

À la Carte restaurants

SmartMenu is very suitable for private restaurants, where it is important:

  •  To hand out menus in several languages

  • To support the work of waiters and waitresses and to serve the customer

  • To create an image of a modern restaurant

Pubs and wine bars

With SmartMenu, you can stylishly present descriptions of and comments on drinks.

  •  Descriptions of drinks in several languages

  •  The customer can receive assistance in choosing

  •  Supports the work of the bar staff

Lunch restaurants

SmartMenu makes it easier to maintain lunch menus by updating them automatically.

  •  Easier to maintain menus

  •  Simple to introduce

  • Ready weekly menus can be created

“Customers speaking foreign languages are happy that all menu items are given in their own mother tongue. This has made serving much quicker."

Why did we choose SmartMenu?

Restaurant Origo, Hanko, Finland

“We wanted to help our waiting staff and modernise the customer service experience."

- Jan Westerling, owner

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